Inquiry and analysis  are important to us as it develops an understanding of efficacy. We conduct pre and post assessments of each funded project todetermine their effects on student development of the New Brunswick Global Competencies. Our duty is to provide explanatory metrics to school districts and to the provincial education system and to share our findings with the public in research journals and other publications. ​​



Innovating Education 

This insight paper closely examines the motivation to
‘do education differently’ while moving a system forward from past practices, through necessary change, to meet the future of tomorrow today. Innovating education is the guiding phrase of iHub Learning Inc. and is understood as the creation or improvement of a product or process which has been implemented to make a positive impact. Education is  the perfect place to inspire innovation, and iHub researchers ask “does the process HOW of experiential, personalized, entrepreneurial, problem and project-based learning methods impact the direly needed WHAT of critical thinking and problem solving, creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, metacognition, collaboration, communication, and global citizenship.” The future is here and status quo is not serving us any longer; this insight paper examines the possibility of innovation in education.

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