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iHub is happy to provide FREE virtual professional development training sessions to teams of educators on the Active Learning Engagement Cycle

The Active Learning Engagement Cycle (A.L.E.C.) has been used successfully in hundreds of experiential learning projects, K to 12. It is a foundational learning method that has shown documented increases in student and educator innovation, engagement, experiential learning, essential competency development, and entrepreneurship.


The Active Learning Engagement Cycle was developed from three major influences:

  1. Academic ‘best-practices’ research reported by the most successful K to 12 education systems in the world,

  2. the verified experiences of hundreds of K to 12 educational professionals who provided research data on their innovative, experiential, entrepreneurial, problem and project-based education project results to iHub Learning Inc. from 2018 to 2020 and,

  3. Dr. Leadbetter’s 28-year career of experiential teaching, coaching, and research in University, K to 12, Adult, and National Coaching Certification learning environments.

Professional Learning Sessions are:

  • Free of charge

  • 30-40 minutes long

  • Virtual (on Zoom)

  • With groups of 5 or more

  • Anytime between 7:00 am and 5:00 pm (contact to schedule)

Please review the following 3 PL options and contact us for a booking! Note: A.L.E.C. 101 is a prerequisite for the other two sessions. 

This innovative module provides a practical understanding of how to build and use a ‘pre-existing learning framework’ from prescribed curricular content to develop shared standards of excellence and increase authentic engagement in learning. The A.L.E.C. is a proven mechanism for developing and demonstrating essential content, skills, and competencies. *This module is a pre-requisite to the remaining two modules.

Active Learning Engagement Cycle
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Active Learning Engagement Cycle & Essential Comptencies

This module builds upon A.L.E.C 101 and incorporates the Nine Federal Canadian Essential Skills and Six Federal Global Competencies as the base content (Essential Competencies) for creating an innovative project that extends opportunities for problem-solving, self-direction, critical thinking, and metacognition.

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Active Learning Engagement Cycle & Entrepreneurship

This module builds upon A.L.E.C 101 and incorporates the innovative experiential learning that is developed by working through an Entrepreneurial venture to the point of demonstration. Key content and essential competencies are the focus of this comprehensive learning module.

Choose from one of the above offerings and contact Michelle at to make arrangements.


Dr. Ross Leadbetter sat down with educators to discus what IS working and we'd like to share what they had to say in the video series:


"Remote Learning - What's Working?

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