The New Curriculum of Living in the Modern Age

20 April 2020

More and more we hear it. There is a call for future workers and citizens to have the success-factor skills of critical thinking, analytics, adaptability, communication, collaboration, self-determination, innovation, creativity… and the list goes on.

For one, I am extremely aligned. Maybe to some extent, this call does come from business and industry, and it is absolutely true that education is bigger than work-training and is meant to educate and develop global citizens, not simple cogs in an industrial machine. However, the success-factor skills are the skills of navigation and inquiry, adaptability, and action.

A critical thinker who can self-determine and then create innovative responses to complex challenges is someone who will have a better chance of navigating and succeeding in ALL aspects of life, not just at work. This is a powerful skill set for all aspects of life, and education must focus attention on our students’ development and attainment of these skills. How?

The new curriculum must be one of experience and authenticity. Worksheets and drills do not create these skills, but authentic experiences with others do. The new curriculum must focus on action and learning with authenticity. This is a perfect time to involve parents and community in education – who is more authentic and real than a parent and a community?

Find your voice in education parents. Find your voice in education community. We need you and you need our future citizens to find new ways forward – we all do.

Dr. Ross Leadbetter, CEO iHub Learning Inc.

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