The Knowledge Economy - Is this going to be on the test?

Economy is so much more than money. Imagine you give me $5 for a cup of coffee, then I take that down the road to the baker and buy a loaf of bread for the same amount. She then uses that $5 to buy a goldfish for her son's aquarium, and the pet store owner then takes... You get the idea. Economy is about the flow of a currency, and how it moves is important.

Knowledge is similar. Share your knowledge with me and I may share it with someone down the road and so on. The critical difference with knowledge is that it can grow in size, depth, and value through the act of sharing.

At iHub Learning Inc., we are part of the knowledge economy in its most positive sense in that we attempt to share and support, coordinate and cultivate knowledge with as many people as we possibly can. Our research focus is deep learning, high engagement, and positive well-being, and we believe that all of these can and do occur together, regularly, through the active pursuit of relevance, meaning, and purpose.

We despair the version of education that states it is a process of collecting of points, jumping hoops, and stacking bricks -- these lenses cause us to see education as a means to ... an end (but what end?).

We support the growth of knowledge, the building of networks of innovators, the continuous development of deep and meaningful learning, and we propose there exists an active and portable knowledge formula where engagement through relevance is central and collaboration is fostered through common understandings of meta-learning principles.

It sounds heady, maybe, but our new world does not demand we blandly collect achievement stamps in a tattered stamp book, it demands we teach ourselves and our children to acquire, create, deepen, and convert knowledge to effective use. No, this is not going to be on the test, but it is going to be tested.

Dr. Ross Leadbetter, CEO iHub Learning Inc.

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