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A Best-Practice Reflection by: Kelsey Tucker, Assiniboine Avenue Elementary School

I had the opportunity to visit a school that has worked together as a community to purchase a Lu. A Lu is a system that is changing the physical education world! An interactive playground that allows students to get their physical activity while gaining valuable skills and opportunities such as team work, critical thinking, problem solving, or your general curriculum studies in math, social studies, reading, and so much more!

Having had the opportunity to visit and see the Lu in action was extremely eye opening and truly incredible. The Lu has been invented to help children grow as whole, including mind, body, and their social emotional well-being. The school I visited is a K-12 school and I had the privilege to see how this incredible piece of equipment was valuable for students of all ages and their community.

This Lu is a system which contains different apps that you can download to transform the current environment to one that is immersive and interactive for children. The available games and apps, to mention a few, include:

  • Gaia: A 12 minute relaxation journey offering the ability to return to a calm state to relieve tension and reduce stress

  • Danza: A cardio dance activity for ages 4 and up

  • Wak: A speed and reflex game working on aim while trying to 'wak' the rabbits

  • Dunk: a virtual way to engage students while trying to aim for the basketball net and make a dunk

  • Vika: A game of protecting your village while completing different math problems

  • Constello: a game that challenges you to place the stars in the right place on the Cartesian plan

These are few of the apps that I got the opportunity to see in action:


This is a game that is aimed for students ages 6-13.

It allows them to kick balls and score goals to impress.

There are options to play in a timed mode or score mode as well as adjust the difficulty with the goal size!


Newton is aimed for students ages 8 to 10.

It allows students to work in teams to solve mathematical problems!

This game allows for teamwork or individual practice by solving the problem and hitting the target!


Target is a game that is aimed for ages 4 and up.

This game test the speed and accuracy of throws by hitting targets.

Each student or team is assigned a color target to hit.

The game allows for score or time limits and the difficulty can be adjusted accordingly.


Another game that allows for ages from 6 and up!

This game allows students to work together to rotate the puzzle pieces by hitting them with a ball until you solve the puzzle!

Perfect for target practice and teamwork!

Having the opportunity to see this tool in action only confirmed what I was already thinking – students of all ages are engaged, and physical education at their school has taken a step forward. Screams of excitement were heard when students walked into the gym to see the Lu on and ready for part of their day.

What I was most surprised to learn was how this tool can reach much further than physical education classes and student engagement in the gym. This particular school worked together as a community to fundraise the money to purchase such an advanced piece of technology – what I didn’t know was how the community could then benefit from this!

Besides the Apps and the option of cross curricular learning, this school's resource team uses the Lu as tool for 1 on 1 extended learning, for extra curricular activities such as dances and games at recess and lunch, and movie nights! The Lu has the ability to access the internet which allows for your space to be transformed into a theatre! Flashing lights, load sound, and big picture makes their community gym a theatre which can be used on family nights to strengthen the sense of belonging the school already has! This feature also allows for more cross curricular and extended learning opportunities.

Overall, having this valuable experience has provided me with the knowledge of how to work with my own community to purchase a Lu and maximize its potential past simply advancing physical education classes.

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