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We have curated many excellent examples of student engagement, mental well-being, and pure joy that come in our research. We are deeply interested in 'HOW' it is that Active Learning Methods (i.e. experiential, personalized, entrepreneurial, problem, and project-based etc.) effect the classroom, the students, the teachers, and ultimately parents and guardians. If you want to shock home life, get a student bubbling over with enthusiasm about their school-work. We have had more than a few shocked care-givers who are overjoyed to see the lights come back on in their students' eyes when they have been given the chance to authentically pursue their passions at school. The graphic below was constructed from research we did last year with teachers. The comments we read over and over was that curriculum DOES matter, but it is where and how it is placed in the learning process that matters more. Have a look at the graphic. Start at the outcome on the left: this the is demonstration of knowledge and understanding that is achieved by (moving one step to the left) by allowing students to engage in authentic activity that is meaningful to the student; when that is done, the curriculum and so much more simply flows 'into' the learning. Student reflection and teacher evaluation are icing on the cake.

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