Parents will NEED Educational Guidance During COVID 19

At iHub Learning we are preparing a guidebook, online resources, and are creating a virtual community that will support parents everyday, every week, all year-long during this 2020 - 2021 school year.

Parents are worried. We are worried. What will this year be like? Will my children get a good education? Will the system self-destruct? How do we ensure positive mental and physical well-being?

There are so many questions and we are here to help. Look to this blog and to our site and to our FB page etc. in the coming weeks. This is a Canadian resource FOR Canadian parents and students. A national forum. We are here for you. Our team has so much to offer you.

We are not done yet, but we are so close to providing your a complete suite of support from the best research, the best researchers, and from our team of experience educational professionals.

COVID 19 and education are not a great mix, but we can do something together to make the very best of it and to protect your child's future.

Look for us. It is coming soon....

Dr. Ross Leadbetter

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