Max Aitken Academy Holiday Market

A Best-Practice Reflection by: Christine Levesque-Martin and Veronique Avenriep, Gretna Green Elementary School

Thanks to iHub, we had the opportunity to visit the Max Aitken Academy Holiday Market. On our arrival, we witnessed students putting final touches on their products, their displays and signs. The energy in all the participating classrooms was infectious and their pride in their projects was apparent. Others were setting up their Powerplay market projects in the gymnasium where it took place. It was a positive and collaborative environment.

Within the first few hours, students had completely set-up their market space. The gymnasium transformed into a market that rivals weekend markets in our area. It was bigger and better than we expected. Shortly after, students, parents and community members started pouring in to view and purchase products the young entrepreneurs were selling. Students were engaged with the public and enthusiastic in explaining their business plans and how they created their products.

We got to see what happens behind the scenes and receive a lot pf support and resources from the teachers. Our visit enabled us to really see how the program can become a success with our students. The resources and tips shared by the Max Aitken team were very valuable to us and will make our transition into the program at Gretna Green smoother. We were given information above and beyond what the program offers, and it will really help us as educators to support our young entrepreneurs in their own journey. We are very excited to start our own Powerplay market.

Since attending the Max Aitken Academy Holiday Market, we’ve been able to bring back the information learned to other teachers in the school and work collaboratively to plan how we will introduce Powerplay to the students at our school. Some of us have been able to start with our students and it has been a smooth introduction so far as well as very engaging for the students. The excitement that is coming from this program is palpable. It has been very fulfilling to work as a team to implement this new program and to see our students rise to the occasion. We’re looking forward to what is to come.

Many thanks to iHub for providing us with the funds and ability to see how amazing Powerplay can truly be. As well as Max Aitken Academy for opening its doors to us and letting explore and ask as many questions as we wanted. It was an amazing experience and we will be doing our best to translate this into a practical application for our students.

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