Maker Space and Personalization

A Best-Practice Reflection by: Jeanne Connors, Hazen White - St. Francis School

maker space tools

I was awarded the Best-Practice Exploratory Grant and on January 28, 2020, I was able to visit George Street Middle School in Fredericton, NB, to observe their Maker Space and Brilliant Labs in their building.

This grant provided me with the opportunity to reflect on the important impact personal interest has on student learning. The Maker Space I visited had the capacity to meet all students at their individual learning level, while providing opportunities to enhance critical thinking/problem solving skills.

student artwork

This experience has given me insight as to how our Maker Space can target any type of learning ability or style.

maker space tools

After my visit, I was able to return and share this valuable experience with our Core Leadership Team and we were able to have a rich discussion around the ways in which we can use this as a means to develop skills and enrich our students’ learning experiences.

Our staff are currently in the process of brainstorming and building our own vision as to what our Maker Space should include.

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