Library Make-over

A Best-Practice Reflection by: Kaberi Sen, Hazen White - St. Francis School

The visit to Glen Falls School was very enriching. I had the opportunity to observe how they transformed their library space into a Learning Commons area – an area where the students have the opportunity to challenge their creative thinking and think outside the box.

It is a space for collaborative learning and working effectively in groups. Starting from a Lego Wall, a ball hockey table to a puppet theatre, the area fosters the needs of a variety of learners.

As Colleen Sullivan aptly stated, it was a place to encourage social emotional learning through technology and visual arts.

The model is doable both for practical and financial purposes. It exhibits how such areas can start small and gradually develop into a more intricate space.

The Learning Commons at Glen Falls appears to be the collective vision of the staff where each member is actively engaged in the up keep and the development of the space.

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