Integrating Technology in the Classroom

A Best-Practice Reflection by: Chris MacLean, Forest Hills School

With the funding provided through the iHub Best-Practices grant, I was able to observe a teacher I heard many great things about. Specifically, how she was integrating technology into her classroom. I am a teacher who is transitioning between job assignments and thought it would be useful to visit her room and see what type of technology-based activities I could bring back to introduce my students to.

Observing Ms. Widdershoven’s classroom as a fly on the wall so to speak was an amazing experience. I witnessed many interesting classroom technology-based activities and projects happening. This is a grade 4 class! These students worked independently and in groups. The use of technology was spread across curricular subjects and outcomes.

student working on a robotics activity

Other tech activities included students exploring space using Virtual Reality headsets, and students practicing numeracy skills using Osmo with the iPads. Here are some of her students that use a (almost exclusive to her room) green screen to upload pictures/videos of themselves. One project that students were working on was groups delivering the evening news using the screen that produced the image and video that portrayed the students sitting behind a news desk delivering a weather forecast. Here is a young student that inserted himself onto the Montreal Canadiens bench.

green screen project
mental health check-in

Aside from the very cool tech ideas, I took in a lot of other useful strategies and visuals to include into my teaching practice. Observing others, I believe really helps inspire creativity and innovation within ourselves to bring back to our own classrooms. I picked up many useful tools from observing Ms. KW that I can now incorporate and hopefully after some practice using them, share with others!

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