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Innovation in Primary Classrooms

A Best-Practice Reflection by: Thomas McCabe, Millerton School

With the help of our iHub Best-Practice grant, Millerton School was able to take our Primary team to Shediac Cape School.

Our purpose was to view their organization in the primary classes. It was a valuable experience and we found many innovative techniques and practices in place.

The use of space and atmosphere to produce a calm learning environment was impressive.

The decluttering of the classroom and the use of mindful moments allowed the students to achieve a mindset conducive to learning.

The level of buy-in from all stakeholders was key to the success they are experiencing.

A willingness to take chances and experiment with new class design and instructional practice combined with consistent self-monitoring and reevaluation encourages a personalized learning approach that both challenges students and staff to improve.

The strategies in place provide for differentiation and enrichment without destroying the social acceptance and peer relationships.

As a school we hope to incorporate many of the elements we viewed in Shediac Cape and we are thankful for their willingness to allow us to view their model. 

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