Flexible Grouping and Collaborative Learning

A Best-Practice Reflection by: Bradley Dunnett, Tabusintac Community School

During our school visit, we as educators took back many tools to use for our own school. The point of the visit was to form, manage, assess, differentiate in flexible grouping and collaborative learning. It was nice to see how the grouping allowed students to engage and work with both similar and dissimilar peers depending on the project and/or purpose. It has promoted high levels of achievement for all students as teachers use ongoing assessments to identify their students' challenge levels.

What surprised me the most about the trip was the student knowledge of the whole practice. Students knew exactly what was expected of them and the goals that were in place for them to achieve. Both students and teachers gave us the ups and downs of the practice, which we will take back and use to create more successes with our own students.

One of the teachers mentioned that their students' overall achievements have gone way up and behavioral issues have gone down by half. This showed us that there are many benefits to more flexible grouping and collaborative learning, and we are excited to take this and run with it to see more successes in our on student learning.

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