COVID 19 - Navigating the School Year Ahead. Engagement is key... and we need to remember that.

It is going to be a strange school year. And, your biggest concern is the health, well-being, and education of your children. This is our concern as well. You want to know: how can you make sure they don't fall behind? How can you make sure they get the 'right' education? How can you be sure they will be healthy and well?

We have answers... and support for you.

Will your children be at school, or home-schooled this year? Will everyone be back to school very long before schools are out again doing remote or hybrid learning?

Nobody knows for sure.

What we do know, however, is that Remote Learning was a complete and utter flop the last time we tried. Engagement rates plummeted and valuable education time was simply lost.

Given the crazy way that schools across Canada 'went out' last spring, it is unreasonable to place blame on the system or the teachers, parents, or students for this unfortunate circumstance. No one was to blame.

Who could have known, and who could have prepared. It was just unfortunate.

No one was prepared. But now?

Our big question right now is "what is going to be different this time?"

We are not sure that school systems are or CAN be ready for this year. Remote Learning is NOT taught in teaching college and the bureaucrats and politicians have no idea how to do it - no matter what they say. It is a skill set that few have, and will take years to develop across entire educational systems.

And then, navigating masks and line ups and buses and homework,bubbles and clusters etc... how can an education system be ready?

At iHub Learning Inc. we are guessing that parents are going to need and welcome additional help this year, so we have been working busily putting together a comprehensive set of resources.

We are going to be in your corner this year with our Navigator's Community for Parents and more. We will have weekly video chats, blogs, synthesis of research, tutorials on how teach at home, and so much more available to you - and this will all begin next week.

Engagement is the first and last key to learning. Without engagement people simply don't learn well or at all.

The #1 question, therefore, for this school year is "how will we get and keep students engaged in learning all year long?

At iHub Learning Inc. Engagement is our specialty. And, not only that, we did research on what WAS working during COVID 19 last spring. We found some incredible answers. We will share these with you soon.

Anxiety is up. We are with you though, and we are sincerely here to help.

See you soon

Dr. Ross Leadbetter.

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