COVID 19 Educational Resources - Free to Parents and Guardians

Hello my friend, today we launched the FREE ‘Parents Guide to Navigating K to 12 Education During COVID 19’ along with the virtual online ‘Navigators Community’ paid subscription service.

Either go to our regular website page:

or go directly to the landing page: to get the guidebook.

Please share these links with all of your friends and family – anyone who has a child in the system anywhere in Canada will benefit from the free information provided in the guidebook.

  • We show parents how to find out exactly what their child MUST know this school year just in case we go remote or hybrid, or if they want to home school.

  • Then, we also show parents how to set up engaging learning situations at home, and finally,

  • How to homeschool or unschool (this section has tons of material for everyone, because, let’s face it, we may be homeschooling again this year if COVID forces us out)

Each section is packed with relevant information that is not shy about taking on our institutional and archaic approach to education.

Further, anyone who gets the guidebook can sign up and support and become involved in our national Navigator’s Community; they are welcome to do that through a monthly subscription or one time charge.

Please share this information widely. We really want to make a positive impact on education and we want to support parents in this difficult COVID time.  We also believe that we could create a national movement with enough subscribers – AND – importantly – iHub Learning Inc. is an incorporated not-for-profit organization, so subscriptions go to operations and building our resources!

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Thank you!


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