Active or Passive Learners. Which one = Success for your Child?

There is really no contest. The results are in. If we want to be successful or want our children to be, we and they need success factor skill sets that include the ability to communicate and collaborate, understand our own learning, innovate, create, and grow. We need creativity and global citizenship, to be able to self start and problem solve.... Some call these 'soft' skills.

They are not.

They are foundational to success in all aspects of life - they are success factor skills.

Success come from being an Active Learner. The Passive Learner has to wait. Wait for content to be delivered, wait for instructions, wait to be told, wait to move... the Active Learner learns how to take things on themselves, make things happen, personalize learning, take charge, be accountable -- An Active Learner is a critical thinking, self-starting, problem solver.

That is what we want for ourselves and for sure for our children.

The challenge is the status quo of education is not set up that way. It is really not hard to make the change, but it ruffles feathers. Here are the two actions to take: (i) focus on engagement and active learning methods (who learns when they are not engaged? No one.) and, (ii) rejig policy and standards to support the success factor skill set (if we focus on dynamic success skills and learn to teach and grade those, we all win).

Done. Simple. Two actions.

You can take one: demand active learning. This is your chance!

Dr. Ross Leadbetter, CEO iHub Learning Inc.

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