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Hello and thanks for landing here. We are happy to include you and support you as we travel through this most unusual school year together.

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When you subscribe to iHub Learning’s national Navigator’s Community you are joining an educational movement. You will be included in a community of concerned parents and educators who believe we can change education in Canada. And, you will be supported as you navigate whatever happens this school year. We really think this is the right time for this community and the support we offer.

This 2020 – 2021 COVID 19 school year is going to test every part of our educational system. So, we want to get you ahead of the curve, and support you every step of the way this entire school year.

When you subscribe, you will you get our 72 page guidebook “A Parent’s Guide to Navigating Education During Covid-19” and you will also receive daily and weekly support through:

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At iHub Learning, we believe that education in Canada is nowhere near what it can be, but this is not due to the efforts of our many fine educators, no. We believe the troubles in education (for example only 34% of students who remain in the system to grade 11 and 12 are fully engaged with school) are due to restrictions placed on these fine educators by an archaic, outdated, mis-aligned system of governance and accountability that is continued by bureaucrats and politicians who want to play it safe.


We know what we want for our children, and it is what employers and post-secondary schools are asking for and wanting, and it is what is needed to navigate life today and the future:

We want our children to become self-aware, self-starting, critical thinking problem-solvers who can create, innovate, and collaborate, and who can communicate and become self-directed learners while acting as responsible global citizens.

The problem is that our Education Systems are set up to create something else:

Today’s education systems were designed 200 years ago, and are set up to create conforming, docile, standardized rule followers who do not think for themselves, but are fed curriculum and tests until they give up on trying to work through and innovate ideas to solve problems to instead seek the one right answer that will give them the highest score on tests and exams.


We will provide you with the following:

  • Newsletter updates and current developments from across Canada


  • Static resources like Pdf’s, links to important materials, associate sites, and blog posts, etc.


  • Dynamic explanatory videos and tutorials with topics that are important to you


  • Polls and Surveys that will help all of us understand what is happening in education this year


  • Zoom chat sessions on various topics, hosted by topic experts


  • Blog posts written by professionals


  • A Virtual Community with the following discussion forums:

 a) What IS Working in Education Across Canada – this forum has three headings for sharing best-practices that are happening in your schools, homes, and communities


i)What is working at School

ii)What is working in Hybrid situations

iii)What is working at Home


b) Q & A general topics and concerns


c) Navigating the System – tracking and reacting to changes as they emerge, support and empowerment, helping parents get the most for their children’s future


d) Home Schooling and Hybrid help – Tips and Tricks to help you Homeschool, Unschool, or Hybrid School your Children


iHub Learning Inc


iHub Learning Inc. is a registered, incorporated not-for-profit organization based in New Brunswick, Canada. We have been working these past two years directly with innovative educators bringing grant money, support, and research to schools and teachers who want to change education to the better. See our ‘Why iHub’ publication to see what we have done and be sure to read the sample accolades we have received!


Also visit our main website and see for yourself the many stories and testimonials we have.


We are proud of our work with schools, but this year we are turning our attention to parents.



iHub Learning Inc. is run by me, Dr. Ross Leadbetter and I have worked in and studied education systems for the past 28 years. My experiences include teaching K – 12, VP and Principal roles, District Leadership, Provincial curriculum writing as a Learning Specialist, being the CEO of a not-for-profit designed to Innovate Education, University Lecturer, and author. This year, myself and my amazing colleagues are dedicating our resources to YOU. I will be in touch with our subscription base through blogs, articles, responses during chats, and more every school day this entire school year!

In addition to myself, Dr. Ross Leadbetter, our team also includes Vicki and Michelle who are working directly on this project, and we are all supported by a professional board who include Dr. Jon Edwards at the University of New Brunswick, Dr. Michael Fox at Mt. Allison University, Joël Roy who is a finance professional with a multi-national corporation, and Eric Estabrooks a retired principal.

Vicki O’Sullivan BEd is an educator with 25 years of experience in various roles including Kindergarten, grade one, college instructor, home and school coordinator, early childhood coordinator for First Nations communities, and Vicki is our homeschooling / unschooling specialist who will share her personal experiences with you and support our homeschooling / unschooling community.

Michelle Duncan BSc, BAA is iHub’s Communications and Operations Manager and will be right beside all of us as she designs and supports our collaborative experience throughout this year. Michelle is our chief designer, writer, website support, and operations master ninja. We couldn’t do this without her.


Join us and as we work to support you and your child in navigating this school year together.