Featured Stories

Over the past two months, I have had the pleasure of visiting classrooms throughout
New Brunswick’s four Anglophone school districts on behalf of iHub Learning Inc.
With the intention of documenting various innovative iHub-funded projects,
I was not prepared for the immense amount of passion, commitment,
and ingenuity I would see from both teachers and students like.

Teachers all across the province are taking initiative to cultivate engaged,
self-directed students who are learning on their own accord.

Through collaborative, entrepreneurial, problem and project-based ideas,

teachers are cultivating experiential and personalized learning paths for their students.

I am so pleased to be able to share with you some of the amazing initiatives

New Brunswick teachers have developed, as the student competencies they

are cultivating are life-long and invaluable. Please feel free to reach out to

these inspirational leaders for further information as to how you can partake,

or incorporate some of their methods in your classroom.

Again, many thanks to all the schools, classes, and teachers

who welcomed me in to share their journey. After seeing your ventures,

I have nothing but hope and admiration for the young people of this province.  


Michelle Duncan


Learning through Play

St. Stephen High School and Elementary School communicate and
self-regulate through purposeful play


Communicating through Interviews

Cambridge Narrows Community School students visit
Mill Cove Nursing home for project-based community involvement


ICE Centre 

Blackville School cultivates innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurship through maker-space and beyond


Designing Student Spaces

Cambridge-Narrows School students collaborate creatively to design comfortable learning environments


Multi-age Engagement in Sustainability

Oromocto High School students share permaculture practices with Lincoln's preschool and elementary students 


Personalized Learning

Middle School students at North and South Esk Regional School practice self-direction to master subjects


PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs

Middle school students are learning to learn and becoming global citizens through entrepreneurial projects


Essential Skills Achievement Pathway

Joel Everett of Hartland Community School discusses his experience implementing hands-on, experiential learning


Seeds of Change

Stuart Murray of Riverview Middle School reflects on the impact of an immersive, alternative learning program



Letter from Chris Treadwell,

Assistant Deputy Minister, Education and Early Childhood Development


Riverview Middle School/High School Collaboration
Self-awareness through Yoga


Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
Intra-school and Inter-school Collaboration in Culinary Arts at Fredericton High School and Harrison TrimbleHigh School


Big Ideas
Experiential Entrepreneurship at the IDEA Centre in ASD-S